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Username: steinkat

Status: active
Created: June 29, 2003 at 1:31am (EDT)
Enough is Enough

I was concered after a couple weeks of not recieving the game that he didnt send, so i msg'd him and he told me it was sent, so i waited, its been a while and I've written to u several times over aol, and still no response, msg after msg of asking wats up. still nothing, its only been a month but i am 100% he is pulling sumthing, no replys no nothing.

soo.... these are the steps i plan on making

1.) find his local police... and i did... http://www.usacops.c...

2.) File mail Fraud..and i will if i dont get a response,.....

3.) File a Complaint to the FFCI and the National Fraud Information Center

4.) Go visit him
Matt Stein
50 Rottingham Ct.
Edwardsville, IL 62025

Again, save us both the trouble and send either the game or money back, just reply soon before its too late and u end up in jail man.... do the right thing

I e-mailed him couple days ago... this is wat he said..

what? what do i owe you. i am really sorry if i have something that you are supposed to get. i have moved and i was in NY for a month

I'm pretty confused at this point but i believe he is just playing, and that isnt cool. I gave him a chance to make this right with that e-mail and not a reply after that.... so.... i'm buying a phonecard, and if i dont get an answer i will call his police sometime early next week.

Reported By: Mendo

Username: steinkat

Status: active
Created: June 12, 2003 at 12:33pm (EDT)
I really hate to put this up over such a small game, we made a huge deal and it worked out great, Matt left out pocky and rocky 2 by accident and agreed to send it out right away, he told me about 2 weeks ago the game was sent and doesn't respond to ims or e-mails, This report will come down as soon as I get an explanation or my game back. He appeared to be a great guy and trader, just wondering what's up and hopefully I can get my game, thanks
Reported By: Snickers

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