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Username: skin21rip

Status: active
Created: May 27, 2012 at 6:34am (EDT)
Me and Joey pended a trade at the end of November 2011 for my Dualshock 3 controller + Uncharted for his Metal Gear Solid HD collection, I sent out my end (with tracking) and he received it by Mid December, He never sent out his end. He kept making excuses and now he`s abandoned the site and hasn`t logged in since then and still has my game + controller. Here`s a log of the messages we last exchanged (also logged in the trade):

on 28-Nov-2011 at 2:03am skin21rip Sorry was out town weekend and trucks in shop tomarow will go out tuesday and will post dc
on 11-Dec-2011 at 3:22pm thenadz Tracking number: 9101 7850 9140 1371 0114 25
There is no record of that mail item. If it was mailed recently, it may not yet be tracked. Please try again later.

Any updates? I see you haven`t logged in in a while. My package should finally be arriving to you on Monday or tuesday

on 17-Jan-2012 at 8:25pm skin21rip Sory had alot of stuff round hollidays pop up will be returning your items in the am sorry about the hold up wasnt trying to screw you or nothing will also be sending some stuff to compansate fir delay

Should`ve filed a BTR a long time ago, but I want it on record.
Reported By: thenadz

skin21rip Global Trader - willing to trade internationally BTRs

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