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Username: nesguy123
Address: 450 FOrd rd apt #229, Saint louis park Mn 55426

Status: active
Created: August 6, 2004 at 10:00am (EST)
Almost 3 months since I sended a Intellevision bundle with 20games + Intellivoice to Mr Bloom.
He told me that he got my package and he was supposed to send me 45$US for all this. But still nothing after 3months....
I think I've been way to patient with that guy, sended a bunch of email or message via our offer system and he failed to awnser any of my messages. If he ever pays back my money I will remove that BTR but only if he sends me a message with a appologie. In the meantime dont ever trade with this guy, can't be trusted. Just take a look at this guy past BTR's dead face.
Reported By: TerminasluT
still owe 45.00 US for the games/etc
will eventually send this off even if i expire shortly ..
and it takes awile....

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