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Username: dandada

Status: active
Created: April 19, 2011 at 10:48am (EDT)
I really hate do this over $3.00 for shipping. But here we go.

I put up COD as a freebie. I had to send first. Which is no big deal.

We agree to this on Jan. 30. I sent my end out on Jan 31. I sent hin my Paypal address for him to send money too. I get this response

on 30-Jan-2011 at 9:32pm dandada im havin a dispute with pp at the moment im just going to conceal cash if thats cool

Not a big deal. He sees that I sent out on Jan 31 and sends me this

thanks works gonna be crazy this week so ill have your cash in the mail by friday saturday at the latest

Not a big problem

Package arrives on Feb 2. He said he recieved.

On Feb. 11 still no money. I asked him if he sent. I get this

no i havent im really sorry ill have it out for you in the morning ive benn really busy i shouldve least let you know though

On Feb. 28 ask willyum for help he sent him a PM.

On March 13 willyum told me he had not heard from dandada and told me to contact a mod.

Bill sent an e-mail on March 14 and got this reply on March 18

bill sorry i havent logged on im without internet but please relay this message
comcast is comin on thursday and ill bre able to make good on my trades friday ive
had a couple personal hardships happen and im finally just catchin up thanks alot

Here it is April 19 and still no money. I know it is only $3.00 but it is the principal of it.

I have tried contacting though Xbox and still no reponse. I have seen him on Xbox.

I want the game back or the $3.00
Reported By: nascarfan

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