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Bad Trader Reports

Username: cdietschrun

Status: active
Created: March 20, 2007 at 7:26pm (EDT)
Edited: March 20, 2007 at 7:29pm (EDT)
Please read all of his comments to me. Rude, vulgar language, etc. He lied about the condition of his games. He had "Hollywood Video" Engraved onto the cart of Mega Man X3, Pizza Sauce on some inserts on one game. A laminated Manual on X3. X3 Also had Hollywood Video Stickers. X2 Had a big buldge in the box. These were games described as MINT to me in chat. I can log those if anyone needs them.

Here is a taste of this trader:


Go ahead and fill you freakin BTR, see how much I care

Ive got bigger things in my life to worry about your gosh darned Mega Man having a friggin sticker on it or Mario's face being wrinkled. I bought that crap that way and kept it that way and for all the hassle you think its worth, I want you to seriously consider your fudgein life. I am a fudgein American Soldier, Mass. Army National Guard Infantryman. I've been to fudgein Iraq and Afghanistan already, and if you want to fudgein cry more about your gosh darned $3.05 when I payed fudgein $4.05 priority mail online, then you can write out as many piss-fudgein-cry-fudgein-baby BTRs you want

Blow me you uptight butt-hole

Nice, huh?

I have over 225 trades on this site and never had to file a BTR until now. He lied to me and all I asked him to do was pay return shipping. He sent $5, but shipping cost $8.05 (since when he did his online shipping he obviously had it described as a flat envelope instead of a priority box) So mine ran me $8.05. I simply asked him for reimbursement of $3.05 and I got the message that you all can read in my trade log. I do not feel I should have to pay 2 cents to ship a box of damaged games back to him, let alone any more. It is not that I cannot afford $3.05, this is all about the principal of how he has acted to me. It is about the principal how i was misguided on these games and he should be responsible to cover shipping charges. So here is my FIRST BTR in 225 trades!
Reported By: bwild22
Response from Accused "Bad Trader": (20-Mar-2007)
He's right!

I am an butt-hole from the start. It was such a rewarding experience fudging this man over on my trade.


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