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Bad Trader Reports

Username: captaintrips

Status: active
Created: May 8, 2013 at 5:01am (EDT)

stephensrandal gets
God of War: Ascension (PlayStation 3) [Condition: excellent; Box: yes; Manual: yes]
captaintrips gets
WWE '13 (PlayStation 3) [Condition: excellent; Box: yes; Manual: yes; Excellent Condition - Complete - Can provide pictures upon Request]

Jesse Lewis aka captaintrips, it is upon due service that I present to you a Bad Trader Report (BTR) for your lack of communication and coming through at the end of your trade.
This trade was pended forth on April the 4th, and you received my part of the trade (my game) on April the 8th, it has been one month since that time, and it has furthermore been a couple weeks,
since you had last signed into GTZ (last known log-in as of this BTR filing -- April 20th 2013 --). The last set of communication/reply you have made was back on April the 4th, stating " Thanks man I'm looking forward to playing it".

I do not expect the game to arrive anytime soon at this point, and I have taken this act of fraud as a lesson learned, but I feel that filing this BTR would create awareness among others (mostly with new traders) that not all Gold Star traders are trustworthy and that there is a flaw towards having to send first. I am not saying that a new member is just as likely to get scammed by a gold star trader as an established multi-star trader is to get scammed by a new user, but this thus raise the fact that it can happen, has occurred and is a possibility.

The following was my last message to you given on April the 17th, on the pending trade page in which I had warned you of an impending BTR (which I had delayed for several weeks):

"Captaintrips, you approached me with a trade for my WWE 13 for your God of War Ascension on April the 2nd. I had not accepted your trade, as I was mulling over the fact of letting such a game (which I quite enjoyed and played a lot at the time of the trade). I accepted your trade proposal and pended it on April the 4th and shipped it the same day....You received it on April the 8th in the afternoon and marked it as received later that night. I left a message 2 days later expressing my eagerness to receive the game and see it shipped, but you did not respond to it. A few days later, I left another message asking you when you plan on shipping out the game I am trading for -- you did not respond to that either despite logging in everyday. Instead you shipped out another respected trader's game (while not shipping out the God of War Ascension, despite having received mine a couple days earlier). I left another message detailing to you how long it takes for mail to get here hence I would like for you to kindly ship the game out soon. You did not respond to that either and had logged on. So, after asking around the courteous community and unfortunately taking up Bill's time to get involved, you did not respond as pressed. I am messaging you now to respond and to respectively ship out the game as we had agreed to -- to live and carry out the trader's oath you, I and others around the community have sworn to and uphold -- if you do not respond to this; I, under the site's guidelines/rules will hand you a BTR, which is a slap to all the years you have been here and the trades you have undergone. It is advisable to not ruin your account and long standing reputation on this site. Thank you for your time. Respectively, William (stephensrandal)."

This is my first time (and hopefully last) filing a BTR, and I do not take pleasure in the feeling that comes with filing such a report. But upon consultation from Bill and several esteemed members from the community, I believe that this is the best course to take in this circumstance. Bill has also emailed and has sent communication with you, but you have also failed to acknowledge any of his messages, which is unfortunate as by doing so, his valuable time has been wasted...

How to Fix This --- I would accept a return of my ps3 game (WWE 13) in the condition I had sent to you (as stated in the item description) to my address. Nothing more, nothing less. Just a return of the game I had sent to you. I have already acquired another copy of the game we had the initial trade agreement for, so I do not want the God of War Ascension game, just my WWE 13. Thank you for reading and for your time.

William Patton (stephensrandal)

Reported By: wp

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