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Bad Trader Reports

Username: appologuist
Address: 4 College Street , Clinton, CT 06413

Status: active
Created: August 20, 2003 at 7:05pm (EDT)
Chris and I came to an agreement that he would send me $25 for my Zelda Wind Waker Japanese import. The trade
was filed on July 2nd, a Thursday. We agreed to send at the same time because we both had the same amount of
trades. I told him that I would get the game out ASAP. It ended up being July 7th (I believe) when I sent the game out. I
got an email from him on the 9th that said "Did you get zelda sent? The money order is on its way." Yes, the Zelda was sent, but I never got the money order. It's been about a month and a half and still no money order. I've tried to email him on numerous occasions and he hasn't answered me. I'm not angry with him. Just want to get my part of the deal.
Reported By: ugly_monster

Username: appologuist
Aliases: appologuist
Address: 4 College Street Clinton, CT 06413

Status: active
Created: July 28, 2003 at 3:38pm (EDT)
I made a trade with appologuist for my Japanese Playstation in exchange for $65. I sent him everything that came with it, and it was in very good condition. I imported it from Japan myself and he wanted to buy it from me. We set up the trade about 3 months ago, and I sent the Playstation system the first week of our trade. He has not sent anything to me yet, so I basically lost a really nice import system and got nothing for it. He has not completed his part of the trade either on the pending trade, and I know he has the system already(I have proof that it arrived and was signed for). When he got the system he first complained that he had wanted the smaller Japanese PS1, and I had told him I had the regular one for sale when we started the trade. Then he talked about sending my system back to me because he didn't want the bigger one. They both function the same way so I don't see what the problem is. He can still play any Japanese games on it with no problems. I told him what we would be trading for, and I lived up to my side of the trade. I wrote to him many times asking for payment or at least to send my system back if he has no intention of paying me for it. He hasn't done either. I thought the price was fair and I lived up to my part of the deal, I just want to be paid for my system, which is valuable to me. I will remove this report when I have my side of the trade. Appologuist may still be trying to get the money for me, but 3 months to wait is way too long in my opinion. I have mailed him warnings and told him I would put up a bad trade report if he did not respond. I just hope I can get something out of the trade at all. This was an expensive trade for me, and I could have sold it to someone else, but I gave him first choice, which I guess was a mistake. If you trade with him, don't do a trade for money or any item that is of some value to you. And if you do make sure he sends first so you will be sure to get your side of the trade.
Reported By: RandyChan

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