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Username: Victor6475

Status: active
Created: July 15, 2020 at 9:24pm (EDT)
As we all know, our Instawatch movies were pulled. I thought it would be fair if we split the difference since I lost over 45 movies and counting. I presented fair terms and was even "sympathetic" to what happened. Even though I would be the bigger loser in the end, I thought this would be agreeable. All I got was a sorry and a no response to my suggestion. I have been MORE THAN fair and allowed adequate time to process what happened and terms. Seems like I am being ghosted now. So disappointing as communication was fantastic in the beginning. VERY DISAPPOINTING.

I would like Victor to at least show some good faith and refund $25 of the money I have paid him and we can go our separate ways. Please consider how many people got screwed over here and how you still got everyones money. Karma.
Reported By: Rollobobo

Username: Victor6475

Status: active
Created: July 3, 2020 at 12:13am (EDT)
I bought about $30 worth of InstantWatch movie codes. They all started disappearing from my account while he has the money I paid him. This is straight up theft.

Asking he return the money I gave him for the movies he's stole back from me.
Reported By: FenDiesel

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