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Bad Trader Reports

Username: Lankx

Status: active
Created: July 4, 2013 at 2:47am (EDT)
We pended a trade where I send a DC jump pak and Justin Padlo sends a PS3 game. I have not received the game and he now has 2 other BTRs and has not responded to my messages. He now appears to have disappeared as he has frozen his account and is no longer logging on.

I will remove this BTR when I receive the game, or I am open to discussing a similar game or cash value.
Reported By: Yoshimitsu

Username: Lankx

Status: active
Created: May 26, 2013 at 10:54pm (EDT)
I was to receive 5 CIB GBA games and 1 CIB DS game from lankx through the freebie forum. I paid $10 for shipping and he said if it wasnt that much he would refund the difference. It took him awhile to 'send', he told me it cost him $12.80 to mail them (which just sounded totally absurd) and that he had to pay the difference with the last of the change he had and that he couldnt afford tracking. Still havebt received the package and no reply to my message about leaving him this BTR. I want my $10 back or the games I was promised. Hoping this guy isnt just ripping a bunch of people off and running.
Reported By: MrZeem

Username: Lankx

Status: active
Created: May 17, 2013 at 3:35pm (EDT)
I hate to file this, but I'm using it as a forewarning to other users intent on trading with him. We had an agreement for a small loan, in which he would repay it by April 14. He contacted me shortly before the loan was due and told me that as a result of a domestic dispute, he would not repay until the 19th. He then contacted me on the 20th informing me that he got home from work late, and would send the money in the morning. I waited a week and neither heard not received anything. I contacted him on the 27th, and he told me he was waiting on payment for a game share. He then contacted me on May 2nd telling me he had to wait one day on payment from EBay, and then contacted me on May 5 telling me he would repay me that night. After not hearing from him for another 10 days, I contacted him on May 16, and told him he had 24 hours to repay before I filed a BTR. I have still not received my payment.

I can understand how some larger loans may be difficult to repay, but to repay the price equivalent to half the cost of a new video game, it should not take an extra month. I also see that he has pended multiple other trades since this dispute began. Clearly Lankx has zero to very little intent on repaying me.

I will remove this BTR when I am fully repaid.
Reported By: Zim

Lankx Global Trader - willing to trade internationally BTRs

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