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Bad Trader Reports

Username: Darc
Address: T Bonderenka 12547 Meigs St Carleton, MI 48117

Status: active
Created: August 20, 2003 at 12:21am (EST)
Its been 1 or 2 months since this trade has been going. Recently about 2 weeks ago I sent 10$ to him to send his gc. Ever since then he has been ignoring me. When I have time to talk to him on aim I ask him if he sent and he just loggs off. I even try to attempt to send him a offer with a msg in it which includes on why he has been ignoring me. Still as persistent as I am he does not want to contact me. He said he needed 10$ to ship the gc so i sent, and yet he still did not ship. He has no reason for stalling on the deal. Tommy if sorry for putting the bad trader report thats the only way I can get ur attention. Why do u have to ignore me? I've got all ur stuff and still you don't appreciate. Listen if you don't want the deal then tell me. I went through to much trouble getting ur stuff. If ur not interested send me back my 10$ I've sent to you. Again please respond. C ya
*p.s i don't like being ignored* Until u respond this will be here. Contact me on aim. Or email at

Update April 04, 04 TODAY!!!
Do let this affect your trade. This is a BAD TRADER TRUST ME. He NEVER called, emailed or ANYTHING. He will ripp you off and Im gonna file mail fraud on him right now
His response below is completely fake, he has NEVER even once contacted my, and about my address issue it was on the letter I set him, And its displaying on this mgs right now. However if he does talk to me I will take this off.
Give me back my 10$. Contact me email, and measostupidoazn

*Update You last logged on Sept. 1 yesterday. Contact me via email.
Reported By: measostupidoazn
Response from Accused "Bad Trader": (29-Mar-2009)
This BTR was mad six years ago and Gilbert has not even used GameTZ in over two years.

If there was a way to get this resolved or deleted, I would.

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