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GameTZ Subscribers get the following additional features:

  • Ad Control - Subscribers can turn all the advertisements off.
  • Filters - Subscribers can filter what they see on the site, including traders by country, specific user filtering, Games by platform, Music by format, Movies by format, and Books by edition. Also, subscribers can block anyone from their personal forum.
  • Color Schemes -- Subscribers can pick from a variety of different sets of colors or create their own color scheme.
  • Mobile Site Dark Mode -- Subscribers can use dark color scheme when using the mobile website.
  • Personal Forum - Subscribers get their own personal forum to do with as they like.
  • Forum Avatar & Signature - Subscribers get forum Avatars and signatures.
  • Forum Bars Control - Subscribers can control/sort which forums are in their forum bar (also the number of forums before a drop down is used).
  • Watched Topics - Subscribers can view/edit their list of watched forum topics.
  • Font Control - Subscribers can select the font GameTZ uses and choose between 6 levels of font sizes.
  • Past Username Tracking - When someone changes their username at GameTZ, you'll know about it. A cool smile icon will appear next to their username for 90 days. Hover your mouse pointer over it to get a list of their past usernames. Or check their user page to see the list of past username at any time.
  • Graphics/Sig Filtering - Subscribers can turn off avatar, bio, and in-line images. Also, they can disable viewing of other users' signatures in the forums.
  • Adjusting Defaults - Subscribers can choose various defaults related to user pages and forums.
  • Swear Filter - Subscribers can disable GameTZ's swear filter.
  • Welcome Page - Subscribers get access to a large selection of Welcome page modules, from which they can pick and choose.
  • Personal Notes - Subscribers can keep a note of private info on any user.
  • Embedded Videos - Subscribers can choose to convert YouTube video links into embed videos.
  • Disable the Score System - Subscribers can hide the "Score: 0 positive negative" system entirely.
  • Advanced Scores - Subscribers see the components of the total post score (positive & negative counts).
  • Unlimited Offers - Non-subscribers are limited to 5 offers per 24 hours. Subscribers have no limit.
  • More PM Conversations - Subscribers have the limit of PM conversations/day doubled (up to 30).
  • PM Search - Subscribers can search through their PM conversations.
  • Trades Search - Subscribers can search through their trades.
  • Ratings by a trader - Subscribers can easily view the ratings a trader has given, on the user page Ratings tab, look for the "[view ratings made by ...]" link.
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