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Mr. Driller (Bandai WonderSwan Color)

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Reviewed on: 13-Nov-2005


Before portable puzzlers like Meteos and Lumines, there was Tetris and some others. Even though Mr. Driller is available on a lot of platforms, the Wonderswan Color version is definately one to pick up.

Nice and pretty. The color is amazing on the WSC. Lots of great effects when you drill through the blocks. Colors also play a part in the gameplay by gaining more points for drilling a larger amount of the same color.

The sound works well for the game. The main beat is catchy for playing a faster paced puzzler. And when drilling through the blocks the sound effects connect nicely to add to the puzzle experience.

As the driller need to drill downward until you hit the meter level all awhile collecting air canasters. If you run out of air you lose. And while the game is addicting and fun to play, this is when it comes up a little short. There are only three modes, and each mode is just a longer amount of puzzles: 500 meters (5 stages), 1000 meters (10 stages), and a mode to let you select how many meters you wish to go.

Replay Value
Being an addictive puzzle game, you will no doubt come back to play more. Aside from the single player though, there is the two player mode. You can link two Wonderswan Colors together and play head to head with a friend.

Mr. Driller is a fun and addicting puzzler every Wonderswan Color owner should have