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Metroid II: Return of Samus (Game Boy)

Reviewed by: nalod6 Has Written 13 Reviews
Reviewed on: 10-Jan-2005


Fans of the first Metroid on NES got their wish in Metroid II: Return of Samus for Game Boy. Taking up where the first Metroid ends, Samus, our space bounty hunter hero, flies to SR 388 to eliminate the metroids once and for all and save planets across the galaxy from an evil invasion.

Your goal in this Metroid is to defeat about 40 metroids in a variety of areas on the planet and finally work your way to the depths of the planet, and to the Mother Metroid.

You can't just proceed aimlessly however. Over time you must pick up power-ups, including the classic missiles and Varia suits, and new items, such as the Spring Ball and Spider Ball (a personal favorite of mine) to help you explore the planet and eliminate all threats. As you eliminate more metroids and acquires new abilities, further areas of the planet become accessible, until you are finally able to reach the Mother Metroid.

Graphics and sound are excellent for its day. Full details of enemies and environments, and chilling music and sounds for deep and dangerous areas of SR 388 really bring the Metroid experience to a whole new level.

Gameplay is even better than the original, with much more depth and less confusion of areas (areas are more unique, and thus, easier to identify). Controls are responsive and accurate.

To sum up, Metroid II for Game Boy is one of the classic GB's first good adventure games, and is still playable and enjoyable today. A great classic worth playing.