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Jet Li: Rise to Honor (PlayStation 2)

Reviewed by: mrkwang Has Written 5 Reviews Korea, South
Reviewed on: 8-Jul-2004


This isn't a great game, and no game webzine will rate this as excellent. But is this game dull? Not at all. This game is fun as hell, if you've watched tons of HK martial arts (or kinda related ones) action flicks, and enjoyed them!

We all know there were several cool action games, such as Devil May Cry & others. Almost every one of them were made in Japan, as we know. (I don't count Ratchet & Clank here, because those types of games are different.) Such action games are cool, but they are not very related to HK martial arts stuff. Of course, we can choose some Head-to-Head fighting games to choose Bruce Lee-like characters, but some of you might want to play against LOTS of thugs, not just 1.

Rise to Honor is the greatest answer to Martial Arts fans.

Okay. I'll write the reason why this game isn't great, before telling the good things. First of all, the CG character looks far from Jet Li himself, even in cutscenes. With PS1, we could understand, but it's the PS2 period now, and we already saw Onimusha 3 w/ Jean Reno. That could make you unsatisfied a lot. This game has some (or few) SNEAK missions. What? Jet Li must hide? This isn't good at all! Gunfighting... Not very good, as I think. It's just so-so for one, and could be too hard for some people like me.

Then? This game sucks? No. This game is a very cool one, even if it's not perfect!

Then what are the Good things?

First of all, you can do martial arts very easily, a few trigger buttons w/the right analog stick. You can do punch-kick combos, or grab combos, or even counter! Basic attack control is very easily, and kinda different from another action games. Very different experience & playing style.

Secondly, action coordinators are well done, in fact, much better than Jet Li's US films! And sometimes CUT SCENE appears during battle! It's very much like you could make your own HK martial arts action scenes. It doesn't have lots of variations, but it's still good!

AND, this game has a very typical & funny storyline w/ some homage to Jet Li's flicks. You could recognize some of them very easily, and even if you don't know where it's from, it's usually a very funny one.

As I might admit, this isn't a great game at all for everyone, but if you like HK martial arts flicks, this is GREAT AS HELL! A must play for those who like them, and for those that want to play different kinds of action games.