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Onechanbara: Bikini Zombie Slayers (Nintendo Wii)

Reviewed by: Raven7778 Global Trader - willing to trade internationally Has Written 8 Reviews Canada
Reviewed on: 7-Dec-2010


Blood, violence, zombies, swords, a Wiimote, and sexy female slayers - what's not to love? Sorry, I am getting ahead of myself.

This game is by no means one of the greats. It will not go down in history or go up in price, but not because it lacks fun. When other games tick you off; this is a good stress reliever.

The look and feel of the game might have you thinking you're playing a House of the Dead game with swords, and you may be right. However, with the Wiimote as a sword you feel more involved and movement is done by you, rather then in House of the Dead where you moved from screen to screen when you finished killing every enemy on-screen. So yes - you need the nunchuk to play this. The games controls are easy to pick up on and there are tutorials for those who need them. Each time you play through the game you get something for your trouble in the next game you play, like new clothes and playable characters. Also, each character has a quest option which you can try out.

Like I said, this is not a great game. If you're a guy, your other half may slap you for buying it when they see you playing it, but for how cheap you can buy this, it's better then breaking a Wiimote because you've been on the same hole in golf for the last hour. If you're looking for a good zombie game with a great story, animation, and landscapes, this is not the game for it by a long shot. But if you want to let out frustration, don't want to pay attention to story, and are tired of that boxing game, this could be a worthwhile game. I cannot see this game being interesting on any other system. The only reason it works for Wii, in my opinion, is because the Wiimote is your sword. I would suggest not paying much for it, but if you can find it cheap, give it a try.

This game can be played through quick and is basically just mindless zombie killing, which is sometimes what we want - just to play something to waste the time. I really wish I could say more, but I don't want to have any spoilers, and there's really not much to this game.

On to my ratings:

Graphics - B: Graphics are not the best I have seen on the Wii and very cartoon like, but it may be what you'd expect from this game.

Sound - A-: The sound quality may be there, but is repetitive, and therefor could have you turning the sound off, but at least you have that option.

Gameplay - D+: Gameplay is kind of repetitive aside from different areas and character fighting styles. You'll be doing the same thing each time you play, which earns this a D+.

So far that spells BAD from top to bottom. This can't be good. Moving on.....

Replay Value - A: Yes A. Even with repetitive gameplay, the fact that you can unlock something new after finishing each game gives it great replay value. Perfect for those who love mindless zombie slashing.

Learning Curve - A: There is none. You will know how to play a minute after you start.

Aside from all I have said, I like the game. I like zombie games, even Stubbs, so I am bound to say something nice about any game with a zombie in it. This is why, unless you are a fan of zombies in games (and you may be getting sick of them with their recent activity in the games coming out), you probably will not like this.