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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City -- Map Only (PlayStation 2)

Reviewed by: reneeatworld Double Gold Good Trader Has Written 20 Reviews
Reviewed on: 24-May-2010


The Grand Theft Auto map is a great reference for your basic Vice City locations. It offers every street from the entire city in one convenient illustration. It is very easy to read and understand.

From Hyman Memorial Stadium near downtown to the Lighthouse in southeast the Vice City map offers many of the things you'd want to find and see in Vice City. Want to find a nice restaurant to visit with your lady friend or need to find a place to buy some clothes to relax on the beach? No problem, the map will show you where the closest destination is.

If you feel like you need to pack some heat the map will show you were to find your favorite weapons, regardless of where you are in Vice City you are sure to find a gun shop in your area. If you want to buy some real estate or some vehicles and retire in Vice City there are even places for you to go shopping, just follow your map to the local Sunshine Autos and get yourself a nice sports car. El Swanko Casa would be a nice place to buy your retirement home. If you feel like taking a round of golf, going to the bowling alley, shopping for jewelry, going to a strip club or dancing at the best club in Vice City look no further than your Vice City map - it will show you where you want to go. There are even places of business that are available to purchase if you feel like you want a career in Vice City.

The Vice City Tour Board, Rockstar Games and Rockstar North are in charge of bringing you the most accurate and greatest locations ViCe City has to offer. They do a great job of making sure the space isn't cluttered with nonsense and things people don't want to see.

This map has everything you want to see, gun shops, businesses, hospital locations, retail stores, police headquarters, clothing departments, clubs, golf courses, and hotels plus many, many more places of interest. If you don't have the Vice City strategy guide this map will definitely be of use during your Vice City playthrough. Another good thing about the map is that on the flip side there is a poster of the Vice City cover girl. It is a very nice picture and just like the map it is very detail oriented.

The only downside to this map is that it doesn't show you the locations of the things you are required to have if you want 100% completion of the game. It won't show you where the hidden packages, rampages, unique stunt jumps and side jobs are located. Many are hard to find so it makes you wander aimlessly for hours or causes you to search the strategy guide for them.

Overall this is still a great map for your basic needs and highly recommended to anyone wanting to visit Vice City without a guide.