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Wii Music (Nintendo Wii)

Reviewed by: eltacodeawesome Has Written 2 Reviews
Reviewed on: 5-Mar-2009


Wii Music is a music game, obviously, where you use the wii nunchuk and wiimote to perform the motions of the instrument that you selected. You use your miis to create a musical symphony or a hard rock tune of song such as "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star", "La Bamba", "Here Comes The Bride", and many more. There are more than 60 instruments! The instruments range from percussion to woodwind, from piano to strings, from brass to the DJ table. This is an enjoyable game that takes the quality of being a composer and puts it right onto your Wii console. The pick up and play ability allows you to jump right into the musical draw of this Wii game. As it is a game rated for everyone, even the small children can compose the classical music of Beethoven! The game also features a Wii board exclusive, where you can have a virtual drum set and use the board as well as the nunchuck and Wii remote. With four people able to play this you can have the whole family jump right in to making a musical masterpiece. The swift fun factor of this game will keep you up and about while playing your favorites to your classics.

OK, the motions with the Wii are some of the best I've seen with the Wii. Although some may seem corny, they are great. Unfortunately the drums are impossibly hard to learn. It just does what ever the game feels like. You could want one beat, but it gives you another. Also, of the person who is playing it has no musical background, will not be able to understand some of the vocab used in the game; such as arpeggio and decrescendo. There are some very simple motions to learn also. The brass is just tilting up the Wiimote and pressing the 1 & 2 buttons. I don't have a Wii balance board so I can't say how the virtual drum set works with the wiimote, nunchuk, and Wii balance board. From what I see on the back of the box is that it let's you able to choose what you want to actually hit on the drums. I think that might boost up the easier controls of the game, but I can't really get in to depth about that.

The graphics in this game are to the best off the Wii's capabilities. The Mii's movements are crisp. Although the crowd looks like paper, I wouldn't expect it to have a crowd like say Rock Band's or Guitar Hero's. The backgrounds are very unique, but there is not a lot of them. There is only about 10. The way the playback on the video is is really cool. Instead of using just the one angle where you saw and made the music going on, it uses different ones.

The music I have to say is just horrific. There is only a minimal number of songs and not to mention the fact that thy are all bad choices too. Some of them are good, such as "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" , for beginners, but once you get farther you need to keep taking lessons on things to get more songs. These lessons get extraordinarily boring and can somewhat be repetitive.

Overall I think it's an OK game, it's more of a family game and hardcore gamers could find themselves tired of it quickly. I think that this game is a definite buy for younger kids or families, not for gamers who just want to beat it.