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Fahrenheit (PC)

Reviewed by: james2006 Global Trader - willing to trade internationally Has Written 43 Reviews Ireland
Reviewed on: 14-Sep-2007


I have been puzzling over Fahrenheit for the last few days. After completing it, I was left with an uncertainly on how to rate it. I have constantly been thinking and judging this title, yet still find it hard to make up my mind.

There are many aspects I love about this game, namely, the storyline and the diversity of it. This game is a treasure, and yet there are so many minor flaws it makes you wonder! I mean if it is so great why am I annoyed with this aspect, that one, or the other?

To be honest, if I were to read this review, I am not sure I would play this game. That would be a shame, because despite its many flaws, most being minor, this is such a novel title. A welcome break from the same old usual titles I have played.

The other problem with this review is to describe some of the good points properly; I will have to reveal some of the storyline, or one outcome of the story. I apologise and will try not to spoil the plot.

First let’s talk about the control system. The buttons mainly used are the arrow keys and the number pad. It is not hard to get the hang of but sometimes will cause confusion. Through out the game there is a lot of sequence button tapping, making the action portion of the game. The idea is to get you more involved in the plot.

This works to great effect, and yet sometimes you can be concentrating so hard that you miss part of the video sequence. Though you will not miss any vital clues, it does take away from the scene. Because this is a story driven game, it can leave you with a sense that you have missed out.

Plus there is a “do it yourself” control system. To be honest I don’t know if it is annoying or not. For example if you want a drink from the fridge, you have to walk to the fridge, open the door, pick up the carton and drink, put it back and close the door, something most games take for granted and does automatically. It is refreshing to actually have to do these things, but on the other hand there is a reason why games skip this “do it yourself” style. I mean if all the games started doing this, would I be annoyed? And don’t get me started when you have to climb a pipe or a chain link fence…

The story is about a man, Lucas Kane, the main character. He finds himself killing a man, but has no idea why. We take his quest, discovering what is going on and revealing the true nature of the murder.

But, that is not the whole story. You also get the chance to play two detectives, Carla Valenti and Tyler Miles. Their goal is to catch and put the murderer behind bars. Though you may not understand the significance, this is a massive leap forward in story telling and gameplay. Not only do you see the story from a sympathetic view, i.e. Lucas Kane the innocent murderer. You also get to play the story as the people chasing him.

The scene at Lucas’s office is the first time I fully realised the significance of the dual plot line. Carla has her suspicions and is on her way to ask some questions. You only have a short time to hide the evidence linking you to the murder scene. The ingenious part is when Lucas leaves her alone in his office, then the camera switches as you play Carla! The question remains; you know where all the evidence is, do you lead her to it? Or do nothing?

At this point, if I had stopped playing the game I would have told you the game was brilliant. A pure work of art! However, the story is far from its end, and in my opinion is what lets the game down.

This time instead of blaming the game, I could blame myself. As I said, the story is dependent on your choices. And I keep wondering, did I make the right choices?

In my storyline, I had three problems!
Firstly, all of a sudden it went from innocent murderer on the run, to supernatural beings, AI’s, and sci-fi galore. I am partial to sci-fi myself, but this came from nowhere. Through the choices I made, I knew very little about these cyborg creatures. So when they popped up, which was very suddenly, I was left thinking “Who, what, when, why, how?” It is a flaw. But you will want to play the game again to discover new parts to an old story. This is what makes Fahrenheit brilliant and sometimes annoying.

Secondly! The story is wrapped up way too quickly; eventually Carla and Tyler catch Lucas. A few minutes later, Carla tells Lucas she loves him and they are at it like rabbits. Two things here, I want to know all Lucas's trade secrets. More importantly, it leaves you with an anti-climactic feeling! The story starts to jump ahead of itself before explaining things.

Lastly, one of the sub characters leaves! Sam, Tyler’s Girlfriend, gives him an ultimatum. It is near the end, where you know Tyler is no longer useful to the story. Now this may sound cold, and it is. I like the character, but to be honest a story has to make you love a character before you care. This is where it fails you; twice. During the story, you can see the tension between him and his girlfriend. But you miss it, because you are more interested in other subplots within the story. Then you let him go because you do not need him anymore, not because you cared in anyway!

Do not get me wrong this game is captivating and engrossing. Any annoyances are soon forgiven and gotten over. In one respect I am sad I have finished it, but in another I know there are still many more surprises to be found. It is a title that you will remember, cherish and keep going back to.

800 MHz, 256 MB ram, 32 MB Graphics, 4.0 GB Hard Drive

Here are some of the sex scenes spoilers, honestly read no further until you Finished the Game.

There is a lot of bonus material in this game! My favourite being the sound track, “Hang it up”. However, there are some sex scenes. But after surfing the net, it is very vague. So here are the ones I’ve found!

After finishing the game, go back to the chapters “Lost Love” and “Bogart”. But I have to remind you that only “Fahrenheit” and “Indigo Prophecy: Directors Cut” will actually allow you to see these scenes.

Lost Love
After giving Tiffany her boxes, and talking to her, DO NOT kiss her! Select “Alone”, the story will progress, you play some music on your guitar, woe her. Then kiss her, and then she demands that you take her to bed. (At a girl!)
One other thing, you may feel slightly dirty as you are required to do all the thrusting motions in this scene. I had to clean my mouse down afterwards …eww!

For me this was just a cut scene, after Carla fixes the radio and whatever. You just go and sleep with Lucas, there are no choices on your part. The first time it was not shown, but after I finished the game then I could see it

Sam’s Dance
Finally is Sam’s “sexy” dance, which is not in any of the chapters. You have to go to the bonus materials to find it. It is under Movies/ Sam’s Dance.