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Shin Nihon Pro Wrestling: Toukon Retsuden 3 (PlayStation)

Reviewed by: dracula Has Written 7 Reviews
Reviewed on: 11-Mar-2004


This is the best wrestling game available for the Sony PlayStation.

It includes all the wrestlers from the New Japan roster, and some from Osaka Pro, Michinoku Pro and a few of the other indy feds in Japan. Most of them have their signature move, and if you link their signature moves together, it does extra damage. For example, if you are using the Great Muta, and wear your opponent down enough to give him a shoulderbreaker, then hit a moonsault off the top rope, the screen flashed gold because you hit one of your gold combos and will likely prevent your opponent from kicking out.

It operates on the paper/rock/scissors engine similar to the other Toukon Retsuden games. If you go for a punch or strike and your opponent counters with a submission like an arm bar, then he will put the arm bar on. However, if you went for a suplex and he tries a submission, then you hit your suplex instead.

The create-a-wrestler is really where this game shines. This makes up for the lack of American wrestlers. Make Owen Hart as Carp the Blue Blazer if you want.

The 2-player tag team is loads of fun.

If you like wrestling or wrestling games, then this is the game to get for the Sony PlayStation. It makes Fire Pro Wrestling G or the Smackdown games pale in comparison in terms of gameplay.

You get some nice selections for moves, like the triple powerbomb, different superplexes off the top rope, and even heel strikes like the groin punch.

Given the number of wrestling fans on this site, I am a bit shocked that no one else seems to have this game. Import it or get it off eBay.