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Xenogears (PlayStation)

Reviewed by: dracula Has Written 7 Reviews
Reviewed on: 6-Mar-2004


This is Xenogears, a futuristic world where you fight in giant mechs called "gears." It is relatively fun at first.

There are some combos that you use, similar to the mechanics of a fighting game. I like what the makers tried to do with the battle system, and it can be tough at first. You get some NPCs that kick butt and ruin balance in the game. I don't want to give away too much so I will leave it at that (Sort of like Orlandu in Final Fantasy Tactics.)

The game reminds me of Final Fantasy VII a lot, with the overworld map, great music, and turn-based combat except Final Fantasy VII was much more fun and innovative.

Also, like Final Fantasy VII, there are some great mini-games in Xenogears. If you have played Egyptian Rap-Slap, then you will be good at the card mini-game. Similar to Final Fantasy VII, I spent the bulk of the time playing the mini-games. This isn't so bad, but the Final Fantasy VII mini-games were head and shoulders above the ones available here.

For some folks, the game can be frustrating at first but you will improve after you master some combos and gain a few NPCs.

Unfortunately, Xenogears does not offer much replay value (Although I am sure some folks will disagree with me on this.) I beat the game and was not too impressed with it. Midway through the game, I pretty much knew how it would end and just went through the motions until it was over. The battles and quests are repetitive. I recommend you give it a shot since it is a Greatest Hits title, but do not expect a great gaming experience.

The game certainly has a cult following. Speaking of cults, there are some religious themes in the game, but really it is pretty tame; again it did not live up to the hype.

C+ is my rating but I suggest you try the game for yourself to see if it suits you more.