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Spy Hunter 2 (PlayStation 2)

Reviewed by: rrrooobb Silver Good Trader Has Written 1 Review Canada
Reviewed on: 6-Feb-2007


A secret organization , NOSTRA, threatens the safety of the world with their plans for domination and no one can stop them. No one except, you guessed it, you, playing as Alec Sects and using your car, the G-8155 Interceptor. You travel across the globe tracking down NOSTRA's leaders and blasting your way through countless enemies, using everything but the kitchen sink.... or maybe you'll use that too.


What really defines Spy Hunter 2 is just the fun of blasting countless enemies. The levels themselves are pretty linear, but each level has its own objective. Some missions have you racing against the clock just to reach the end in one piece, protecting certain targets, or taking down airplanes. All of these are done in either a car, motorcycle, boat or snowmobile, with transitions from one form to another mid-level. The levels are for the most part action-packed with something to always keep you on your toes. One standout point is when you crash. You don't actually take any damage or have anything happen to your car, you just kind of get jolted and stop or slow down. But maybe not taking damage is good thing since you'll find that at the end of some levels you are barely clinging to life.

Probably the biggest concern with Spy Hunter 2 is its length. For an action game it does come up short and you could probably play through it in one sitting. Another downfall is the lack of depth within the storyline. Before each level you are given a blurb of what has recently happened on your mission and it makes it seem like the timeline skips instantaneously. But I imagine if you're playing this game the last thing you're concerned about is the story and you really just want to throw a ton of firepower at enemies. (There isn't a kitchen sink by the way.)


The sound is just typical engine noise and explosions. There is nothing over-the-top or dynamic about them, but they do help immerse you in the gameplay. You'll find that the music within the levels provide the game with a sort of James Bond action sequence feel.


The graphics are done well overall, with good textures, but again nothing over-the-top. Remember, you're here to save the world, not admire any pretty scenery. The gameplay is smooth with no low frame-rates, even when tons of explosions start occuring everywhere on screen. The explosions themselves are pretty well done, such as throwing debris at the screen, and sometimes there are so many it feels like you're driving straight through a wall of fire.


Spy Hunter 2 is a quick yet fun little experience. Even a non-gamer could probably blast their way through all 16 levels pretty quickly, but the replay value is great and it's a fun little "quicky."