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Chappelle's Show: Season 2 Uncensored (DVD)

Reviewed by: WippyJ Bronze Good Trader Global Trader - willing to trade internationally Has Written 3 Reviews
Reviewed on: 19-Mar-2006


Chappelle's Show Season 1 was so funny and enjoyable, that they had to come out with Season 2. Season 1 had some great skits, but the second season is truly where the series shined, with many sparking catch phrases and sketches.

Chappelle seems almost unafraid to mock controversial issues, celebrities, and different races. With the third season coming sometime this month, Chappelle's Show will shine once again.

The box-set includes 3 discs. The first two discs divide the 13 episodes among them and the third disc includes the extras.

A little from Disc 1...
Episode One: A commercial for Samuel Jackson beer, how life is cooler in slow motion, and the first round of picks in the "Racial Draft."

Episode Four: An ad for The Love Contract and the one of the most famous skits ever to be on TV, " True Hollywood Stories" featuring Rick James.

A little from Disc 2...
Episode Nine: Dave imagines life as Oprah's baby's daddy and shows his experience as a jury member on the O.J. Simpson trial and others.

Episode Twelve: Dave quits Chappelle's Show and he is replaced with Wayne Brady, who also takes Dave on a crazy ride. Tyrone the crackhead goes on Fear Factor.

Episode Thirteen: The first black person to use a white toilet, how things would be different if President Bush were black, and another moment in the life of Lil' Jon.

A little from Disc 3...
Stand-up material from Chappelle

A Rick James extended Interview

Two unaired Charlie Murphy's "True Hollywood Stories"

Finally, a whopping 71-minute collection of deleted scenes and bloopers with commentary by Chappelle and Brennan