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Wrestling Discussion
2-Oct-19 7:16pm
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Anyone else excited for AEW Dynamite tonight?
6-Jan-22 7:23pm
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watched aew last night

danielson-page ,match awesome little bloody

enjoyed the cmpunk and mjf soundoff

busy watching something but also caught malakai black versus brian pillman jr, adam cole doing his backstage tidbit and caught the wardlow match

so based on what i watched it was decent but not necessary great, missed the fenix injury

not a bad tbs debut for the show though

can't wait to see rampage hopefully when adam cole wrestles
7-Jan-22 8:59pm
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Wow, current Impact Wrestling Knockouts champion Mickie James will be in the Royal Rumble. How's that for a forbidden door.

7-Jan-22 10:38pm
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Wouldn't be surprised to see her drop the belt to Deonna tomorrow in that case. If she does, it'll just be like any other nostalgia Rumble return.

If she doesn't, I'm baffled WWE is acknowledging a company outside of their own. Absolutely wouldn't call that a "forbidden door" scenario but would still be neat.
8-Jan-22 10:55am
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Yeah I do expect her to lose tonight, but maybe they'll do something to surprise everyone. The last I had read was Deonna is set to do Title vs TItle against ROH Womens champ Rok-C on a future episode of Impact. Mickie is technically not under any sort of full-time contract with Impact Wrestling anyway.

I hope they have a couple more uncontracted names show up in the Rumble match just for the hell of it, kinda like how in the 90s there would be random dudes from Japan or Mexico appearing in the Rumble. You know they had no shot at all in winning and probably 99% of the viewers had no idea who any of them were (myself included). Not sure how likely that is to happen during a pandemic though.

Even though nobody will give him credit for it because he's viewed as the devil, Vince practically was the OG Forbidden Door.
10-Jan-22 3:58pm
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Fan cam of the Bret Hart vs Ric Flair ironman match at a house show in 1993. I wish a better quality version of this was on WWE Network.
10-Jan-22 7:39pm
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Going to be traveling dangerously close to that hellhole Baltimore to attend Celebfest 3 and meet some wrestlers.

12-Jan-22 2:32pm
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Corey Graves has been medically cleared to return to the ring after 7 years.
Just in time for the Royal Rumble...

When his theme music hits, imagine the pop... won't get because nobody will remember it.

12-Jan-22 3:54pm
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12-Jan-22 4:53pm
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Yeah a defining moment for both those guys, setting HBK off on his career, and Marty..well, we know. It's fun/wild looking back at things I grew up just after, or during, and watched. Sometimes I forget and I'm like 'holy crap'. I remember being a kid and thinking the Nation of Domination was REALLY hurting Ahmed Johnson, I ran to my mom in shock and disbelief that they were attacking him. When he turned and went NoD, my heart sank. I felt like that famous gif that has the angry girl from the WWE crowd some years back. As an adult, looking back and watching matches I'm like "wtf did I like Ahmed Johnson so much for?"
12-Jan-22 7:21pm
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akfa wrote:
As an adult, looking back and watching matches I'm like "wtf did I like Ahmed Johnson so much for?"

I think we all have those moments. One I can think of for me is Test. Haven't worn it in years, but I still have my "I Love My Testicles" t-shirt from like 20 years ago.
12-Jan-22 8:04pm
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@PizzaTheHutt go sign up for the GTZ Royal Rumble already geez
13-Jan-22 3:54pm
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More trouble for Tammy Sytch -- aka WWE Hall of Famer, Sunny -- who was arrested this morning in New Jersey for allegedly unlawfully possessing a weapon and making terroristic threats, TMZ Sports has learned.
13-Jan-22 4:05pm
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Tammy Sych is a racist, antisemitic, homophobic douchebag. Instead of a jail cell, they should just launch her into the sun.
14-Jan-22 10:21am
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So you thing Adam cole and his compatriots would be a good feud against the elite of young bucks and omega when omega comes back and would aew think about doing this

I do believe wardlow will be breaking up with mjf. The fact the storyline has tension being seen in the episode of dynamite this past week

Missed final segment of dynamite thought as a whole it was pretty good

Didn’t like the Serena deebe segment but perhaps it’s possible the opponent might be stepping away for awhile from. Aew I forgot wrestler’s name though

15-Jan-22 8:25pm
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I've been watching old episodes of SmackDown from early 2002, starting right around when the nWo came in. I forgot what state they were in (maybe Virginia) and Ric Flair got a big pop when he came out, then the camera pans the crowd to show all the "Wooo" signs, and then this guy (on the bottom) got a chuckle out of me.

17-Jan-22 10:10am
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Looks like mustafa Ali might be next out the door at wwe
18-Jan-22 10:42pm
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LOL WWE JUST HAD WALTER CHANGE HIS NAME TO "GUNTHER". This coming after WWE trademarked the name "Gunther Stark" a while back, only to be met with backlash because Gunther Stark is a famed NAZI COMMANDER. So classic WWE logic - drop the "Stark" (that I'm sure they trademarked with absolutely NO prior knowledge of the historical figure lol) and give the name to WALTER, Austrian powerhouse with a built-in superiority gimmick. Not at all obvious or anything. Totally not ANOTHER nationalistic heel, this time named after a literal, real-life Nazi.

Words cannot explain how fudging lame or how fudging tone deaf this is. Or on top of that, just how fudging GOOFY it is to have a dude with a NAME, you know, like ALL of us have, just suddenly announce "oh no actually I'm Gunther" ON THE MIC like it was some big revelation.

Some apologists are already claiming "he probably just didn't want to 'sign over his name' to WWE so chose that name." Which isn't accurate off the bat because if I recall, the reports stated that WWE trademarked the name before WALTER made his decision to become a regular on NXT. But also, just on a surface level, WWE could choose NOT to threaten to own someone's character and likeness as a literal prerequisite for signing with them. The folks who sign to WWE, keep their ring name, and make it out on the other side are fudging LUCKY ducks. There's no excuse for WWE's treatment of "intellectual property", especially when they're willing to go to literal court in attempts to keep rights to people's REAL birth names (Cody Rhodes, Chelsea Green, etc).

Anyhow, sorry for the rant, but WALTER is his name and WALTER will remain his name. Fudging GOOFY crap.

19-Jan-22 7:30am
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Actually saw small tidbits of raw Monday like two minutes worth

Surprised to read The usos made an appearance on raw

Can’t wait to watch dynamite tonight
19-Jan-22 1:23pm
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To me it just looks extra dumb because he has already appeared on TV as Walter. It isn't like that hasn't happened before (Chavo Guerrero becoming Kerwin White for example, or Michael McGillicutty becoming Curtis Axel), but I dunno, wrestling fans just need something to complain about.

edit: I guess I could word that last sentence better, because it damn sure isn't limited to wrestling fans. I've never watched The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones, but those fan bases were f'n loud when the writers go in a direction the fans didn't want.

19-Jan-22 1:30pm
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Or it's entirely justified to "complain" about a stupid decision considering WWE has made several recently that completely threw great talents off their rails.

Chavo and Axel were literal character/gimmick changes. They came after a period of downtime, or as a heel turn. Walter literally grabbed the mic and said "the winner is GUNTHER!" as if it was supposed to mean anything.

It's okay to acknowledge fudging terrible booking when it happens, WWE isn't going to disappear if one does.
19-Jan-22 1:57pm
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Yes, it is okay to acknowledge it. I'm just saying this was only a name change. Nobody has seen anything further or given it a chance to play out before the whining begins. Name changes happen across the entire industry for decades, it isn't new.

When I talk to my Japanese friends about pro wrestling (not just NJPW but some of them follow Western companies too) they have very little to complain about because they don't take it so serious, they know it's just entertainment. If a match wasn't good, they will say so and that's the closest they will get to complaining. When I told them about Walter's name change one of them jokingly compared it to when a video game gets its name changed when ported to a different region.

edit: I guess what I am trying to say is if Walter's NXT run is a flop, it's because of how he was booked, nothing to do with what name they gave him. Dolph Ziggler is one of the stupidest names anyone could have been given, but he made it work for him.

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