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Username: LeisureSuitLarry
Aliases: LeisureSuitLarry
Address: Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada

Status: active
Created: January 11, 2003 at 9:36pm (EST)
We set up a trade probably about 3 months ago, the trade was my Mark of Kri (ps2)for his Half Life (ps2). I sent mine first since he had a lot more trades then I did. He told me h received and then said he sent mine. I waited along time an it never showed, so he says it must have got lost, which may or may not be true, but I'm guessing it's probably not since he has so many BTR's. So I tell him we should just compete the trade since I really don't care anymore, but he insists on sending me Wreckless (xbox) to make up for it. so, after about 3 months the trade gets deleted, and I tell him we should just set up a new trade so that I can at least get ratings out of this, and he still insists on sending me Wreckless. So I set up a new trade my Mark of Kri for his Wreckless. I wait while and he still doesn't send, so I once again tell him that we should just complete it, I don't really care if I lost a game, but he insists on sending me Wreckless. So I am getting pretty mad that he wont just come forward and say he's not gonna send it, cause obviously he isn't. I'll take this BTR down if 1) He sends Wreckless or 2) he just completes the trade with me and stops screwing around.
Reported By: Nick