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Username: uncsteve
Address: 4207 Berwick Ave Toldeo OH USA 43612

Status: active
Created: August 17, 2001 at 4:25am (EST)
We agreed to a trade early in June. I contacted Steve on July 9 to check the International Money Order had arrived. He apologized for having forgotten to send the strategy guide and assured me he would send it very soon.

On July 26 I contacted him again. He told me he had sent the strategy guide about "a week ago" and he was told it would take 14 days.

On August 11, I contacted him again after many attempts. He said he was on vacation and would attempt to send the strategy guide when he returned.

I am not sure what to believe now and feel increasingly doubtful of Steve's commitment to sell his strategy guide. I have sent our emails to Bill (administrator) and after discussion with him ,have placed this BTR.

I will, of course, remove this BTR the minute I receive the strategy guide.
Reported By: aljuan

Username: THUNDER7
Aliases: thunder7

Status: active
Created: July 21, 2001 at 11:57pm (EST)
We agreed to a trade on May 14, 2001. I sent his game that day. (He asked that I send first). Despite going airmail, he answered my email (asking if he had received the game) on June 22, 2001, saying yes it had just arrived. He stated he would send the game guide the next day. It is now July 22, 2001. The game guide has not arrived yet and Darryl has not replied to any of three emails I have sent him in the past 2 weeks.

Even assuming the game guide has been sent, I expect a trader to keep in touch.

I will, of course, remove this if the situation is rectified.
Reported By: aljuan