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Username: pseudonym1
Aliases: Tim Coucherne
Address: Box 157 Fort Alexander, MB R0E 0P0 Canada

Status: active
Created: February 17, 2013 at 10:24am (EDT)
We pended a transaction on December 31st of last year. I was to pay him $90 in exchange for two anime sets (Scrapped Princess and Karin). I paid the day the transaction was agreed upon despite the difference in trades and his recent feedback because we have had two transactions in the past. Five days later he marks as shipped (Jan 4th). Two weeks later he messages me.

on 18-Jan-2013 at 11:40am pseudonym1 Checking in to see if you got the DVDs? I'm going to be away for a week starting Monday, please let me know. Thanks!

Of course, I haven't. This was also my last contact in terms of a message from his side. I still have not received the dvds and he hasn't logged on to the site since January 31st. Seems like he took my money and ran. He also has another trade pended the same day with the same situation (other person paid, never received their item).

Seems unlikely but BTR will be taken down when I receive the item or my money back and we cancel the trade.
Reported By: Gypsy