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Username: Darknyte
Address: 1513 Luci Mae Dr Flatwoods, KY 41139

Status: active
Created: May 5, 2005 at 2:26pm (EDT)
On April 30, 2005 Darknyte asked the GameTZ moderators to delete his account. We checked and noticed that he had 5 pending trades (with 4 different traders). So, we asked him about these pending trades. His response was:

"I sent them all, the post says they were delivered but the other people won't update on their side."

We checked the trades and he mark all as sent on or before April 20th (some were in March). Weeks have gone by. There has been plenty of time for his packages to arrive. Yet, for these 5 cases, no one has received from him. He has no Deliver Confirmation numbers to back up his statement ("the post says they were delivered") either.

We assume that he has lied about sending to all of his pendings. Him asking to delete his account was likely an attempt to cover his tracks after ripping a number of people off.

In our last email to him, we gave him a warning to make things right, but he has not responded.

If you have a pending with him and have already sent, we recommend that you call the police in his home town and file a criminal complaint against him. Get in contact with the other pending trades and work together. There are 3-4 of you, so if you all file a complaint, you have a better chance of getting some justice. Don't let this guy get away with ripping you off.
Reported By: bill
Response from Accused "Bad Trader": (15-May-2005)
Ya know why I didn't reply? Because you sent me a copy/paste form email full of veiled threats and failed attempts to imtimidate me. If you want me to reply to something then type it with your own hand, don't copy/paste garbage, hit send, and then expect me to reply. Also, you state I didn't reply within 48 hours to the email, that's total bullcrap. The header on the email shows that it was sent 27 minutes before this BTR was posted.

I asked to have my account deleted because I don't care for the community that this site has generated. It's full of elitist pricks if you ask me, and the biggest prick of them all is this moron Bill.

Username: ebroadie
Aliases: eric broadie
Address: PO Box 1491, Lillington, NC 27546

Status: active
Created: April 29, 2005 at 7:30am (EDT)
We just got a tip that this account (eric259) is a 2nd account for the user ebroadie. ebroadie got a Bad Trader Report about a year ago.

I'm filing this BTR mostly to warn everyone who has a pending trade with eric259. It looks like there's a good chance he's a scammer who has no intention of sending his side of any deal he makes. It looks like most of you have not sent yet, so you're safe. To protect yourself, please don't send until you get his side first.

A year ago, ebroadie didn't complete any trades. This new account,eric259 has 6 pending trades, none are complete (though, upto 3 weeks have gone by).
Reported By: bill