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Username: parkerr
Email: removed
Address: .

Status: active
Created: August 11, 2009 at 12:31pm (EST)
I'm filing this BTRas a way to contact all of parkerr's pending trades. I just suspended parkerr's account. The tipping point for me was that he re-filed a BTR on godawgs227 over the dispute they are having. parkerr has filed multiple BTRs over this, including some on unrelated accounts that he suspected were godawgs227's. It's unclear to us what really happened in this trade, but parkerr's story has not been consistent and he has a trade in which he's send the supposedly broken game out to someone else.

There have also been numerous problems in the forums with parkerr's behavior.

Put simply, he doesn't seem to be mature enough to use GameTZ. His bio says he's 13. While we've had many younger traders on the site who get along just fine, parkerr does not seem to be one of them.

I tried to give him some time to get on track here, but the problems of immaturity haven't improved. So, I'm thinking it will be better to remove him now before more serious problems occur.

Sorry for the inconvenience this is causing you (his pendings).

parkerr has 11 pending trades. I want to make sure all of those get resolved. If neither sides has sent, you may want to just cancel the trade (or if you prefer email mods and we can delete it for you). Otherwise, I'm willing to help people sort the pending trades out (e.g. complete them). We can transition the state of his trades (sent/received/etc.) as needed, just send email to moderator if you need an update.
Reported By: bill

Username: Daboss09
Aliases: homer1012 cindy101
Address: 8506 laguna ct alexandria Virginia 22309

Status: active
Created: March 2, 2009 at 11:42am (EST)
I'm filing this BTR on Daboss09 because of a lot of suspicious behavior that seems to imply that Daboss09 may be intent on ripping people off. We don't have absolute proof of this yet, but it seems very likely given what we know.

He has 8 pending trades. Some go back to late January or mid-February. No one has received anything from Daboss09 as far as we can tell. Daboss09 has claimed to send in a few cases, but that was over a week ago (Feb 20) and no one has received anything from Daboss09 as far as we can tell.

Daboss09 has canceled 3 pending trades. In one case, he had said he sent on Feb 19th, then canceled the trade March 1st.

We just discovered that Daboss09 previous had 2 accounts at GameTZ in late 2008 (homer1012 & cindy101). We suspended both accounts after they created a fake trade between them.

There has also been claims by Daboss09 that he's in a gang (MS13) and he has mentioned this in a threatening manner (we got a complaint about this in late 2008).

Given all this, we recommend that no one send anything to Daboss09 until you get what you he agreed to send you first. And, if you want to just cancel the trade you're doing with him, that's probably a good idea too.
Reported By: bill