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Username: ironman82
Aliases: Bradley
Address: Bradley Witenhafer 848 Levitt PKWY Rockledge, FL 32955-4080

Status: active
Created: September 30, 2009 at 6:58pm (EDT)
I was going to buy a Resident Evil 360 Bundle from him for $250. I said that I'd send him $150 after some of my eBay items had sold, and send him $100 asap. Four star trader, thought he could be trusted. He didn't have paypal so I got somebody else on here to send him a Postal Money Order, which was confirmed delivered. So now I'm out $115 (which is little compared to the other people he's scammed.) which could have got me a 360...
Shadowrunner wrote:
He needs money to pay for his dads legal expenses. Hence the scam http://offender.fdle... AND he's a former BAD TRADER
HEY: Just updating this 12/20/2010 cause the guy told me a few months ago he was going to give me my money back. I really could've used it. I mean it's not like college is expensive or anything. Nothing ever came. Thanks butt-hole.
Reported By: Scorch
Response from Accused "Bad Trader": (1-Oct-2009)
I am not a bad trader or scammer. I have been out of town dealing with family stuff (death and such) the past couple days. False charges were pressed againist my father over 15 years ago where he was found not guilty and had done nothing wrong.

Everybody will recieve their stuff and/or money back. I believed with my rep and long history that a false accussation like this would not occur. I use to run an online gaming business for several years (most people here know that), that I shut down this year and have been selling everything off since.

I ask for any further questions or comments to be directed to me in email with enough time to answer before any more btr's are posted and my rep is ruined.

Username: ironman82
Aliases: Brad Witenhafer
Address: 848 Levitt PKWY; Rockledge, FL 32955

Status: active
Created: September 24, 1998 at 4:53am (EDT)
Ouch, another Brad ripoff. I feel lucky that I only got taken for one older game. We were supposed to send on 9/4/98. I got called out of town on business and didn't get a chance to send the game. When I came back, no game had arrived so, I sent another email on 9/16 asking if he still wanted to trade. He did and we agreed to send the next day. I sent on 9/17 and I have yet to receive his game. He doesn't answer my emails. Guess, after reading bad traders list, I'll email his mother. Seems like this boy thought he found a gold mine.
Reported By: csummers