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Username: Rockman
Aliases: Mario
Address: 3005 Fairchild St,Poplar Groove,IL 61065

Status: active
Created: May 19, 2005 at 3:34pm (EDT)
On October 24, 2004, Jason and I pended a trade for my Mega Man: Battle for the Future 3 Disc DVD Set for his Super Castlevania IV (complete). I sent him my side of the game on Oct. 30 and never got an update from his as to whether or not he sent out his side of the trade. He replied back on Dec 10 and apologized for not sending the game out because he had "been caught up in Thanksgiving and Finals." He also promised to send the game out on the following Monday at the latest. It has been 7 months and I have not received the game yet, nor has the trader updated the status and given me the dc number. Jason, just send me back my Mega Man dvds and I will cancel this trade.
Reported By: Renald

Username: Rockman
Address: 3005 Fairchild St,Poplar Groove,IL 61065,USA

Status: active
Created: February 14, 2005 at 8:19pm (EDT)
Edited: February 15, 2005 at 10:40pm (EDT)
I have traded with Jason twice and both trades went smoothly sad to say the third trade didnt go as smooth as I'd hoped, the trade was pended 18th August,2004 , the trade was for my mint and complete copy of Final fantasy 7 NON GH for his Tales of Symphonia artbook, I sent out immediately and I still have the original postal receipt, he claims to have send , after a while after sending him emails he says that he will resend another copy , but to this day I dont get either copy and I each time I ask for a USPS Postal receipt, I dont get a reply. My last email from him is that he will send a 3rd book out and I have told him to KEEP that Postal receipt, but I still havent got the book nor a Postal receipt.This BTR stays up till I either get my game back in the condition it was sent or the artbook. I have even pended a trade for another copy of a TOS artbook..

Here is a scan of the Postal receipt, since this is proof of postage and I had this with signature confirmation , and it was delivered.

Reported By: grass07