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Username: Rockman

Status: active
Created: February 4, 2005 at 3:59pm (EDT)
ok we had a trade pended on nov. 2 2004 and now its feb. 6 2005. i was unsure to send first but he assured me he was a good i sent my 2 model figures and 2 keychains for his buffy for xbox and metroid zero mission. after he sent me an email saying the trade will go on he hasnt replied at all to my emails. i dont think i give people free jason either u send my stuff back or you give me those two games as we agreed on a long time ago.i also have delivery confirmation and another thing is that i had to walk 4 miles to the p.o. to send his stuff and for what just to get ripped off?? its not rite at all!! so for everyone who wants to trade with this guy dont think about it. if i get my stuff back or my games jason this btr will go down. i dont lie.
Reported By: madclown