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Username: RLeav20717
Aliases: Frank Leavitt
Address: 3906 Chestnut Ridge Loop Gahanna OH 43230

Status: active
Created: August 10, 2010 at 7:38pm (EDT)
Back in June I had a subtime Auction to bring some money into the site for Bill. RLeav here bid on and won 6 items. 5 of the items were systems that were as is with no cables, so quite large to ship. he requested the cheapest shipping possible, even tried to get me to send media mail. So I packaged the systems up, forgetting the DVD he also won, and shipped them out to him via FedEx as I get a discount on FedEx through my wife's job. I told him the amount of the shipping and he paid me with PayPal. But he still has not paid the subtime portion and has not communicated to me since the 4th of July. He has not been on the site since July 20th, and now it looks like he has decided to just skip out on me and another auction he won items from
I will take this BTR down only when he buys the 16 weeks of subtime from Bill and posts a screen shot of the receipt in the trade messages. I don't even want the subtime, he can keep it, but he must still buy it.
Reported By: sk8rjason