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Username: Jbad_Machine
Aliases: Jbad, Evil_Jbad, Jbadness, Jbad2001, Jbad2006, Jbad_Machine, TheMagnificentJbad, Etc
Address: James Keller 2723 East 2nd Place Lubbock, Texas 79403

Status: active
Created: April 21, 2001 at 7:19pm (EDT)
I sent this kid James Keller 2 Sega Dreamcast Games (Chu Chu Rocket & Sydney Olympics 2000) for 1 DVD Called "Beyond The Mat" it retails used at $10.00. I patiently waited 2 months talking with him everyday. His excuse for 2 Months is that he didnt have $1.49 to pay for the shipping to send me DVD. I offered to send him the money for shipping if he just would send me my DVD. Well, After 2 Months he told me he sent it through airmail and I thanked him. 2 Weeks later I havent seen him online or havent recieved the package yet. I signed on another name on AIM and found out that he had me BLOCKED! It has now been about 3 Months and NO DVD. People DO NOT SEND ANYTHING TO THIS KID HE IS A LIER and a THIEF! I emailed the owner of the site about his other account besides this one. I then went on to tell James Keller (on AIM) that I emailed the owner of GTZ about him and his accounts and plans to rip people off and what he did was emailed the owner back saying that I was threatening him on AIM with false statements.


And he also gave me a FALSE BTR FOR POSTING THIS ONE!!

James Keller
2723 East 2nd Place
Lubbock, Texas 79403
Reported By: Phantasm

Username: Jbad_Machine
Address: james keller 2723 east 2nd place lubbock, texas 79403

Status: active
Created: March 30, 2001 at 5:25am (EDT)
james and i made a deal at the end of january involving my gran turismo 2, wcw nitro, and some wrestling action figures in exchange for his dC memory card, beavis and butthead tv talkers and $25 USD.

the talkers and memory card arrived in good time, but the $25 was absent from the package. i e-mailed him to see what was up with that and was told he was a little low on cash and he would send it in a couple weeks. this was no problem for me so i shipped out his stuff, which he recieved.

a few weeks passed so i wrote to see what was going on with the cash. i was told he was getting some paypal money and he'd send later that week. cool. not cool...nothing showed for a few more weeks so i wrote once again to see what was happening. no reply. i caught him in chat and he said he got the e-mail and disappeared. i wrote again to find out. still no reply. it's now been several weeks and i have gotten no feedback from him at all in regards to the money so i guess i need to post this.

i'll take this down when the money shows up. here's my address for reference:

scott McDougal
box 4
Giroux, Manitoba
R0A 0N0

some communication would have prevented this report. i tend to be a very patient and understanding trader. it doesn't help that he has so many pending deals made since that involve cash on his part.


today, april 17th, i've decided to edit the ratings i gave him when i expected he would hold up his end and ship the cash. seeing as how he is logging on often again, he is obviously aware of this and has taken no action to correct it. it's too bad since half the deal showed up in great time and he has only lagged poorly on the cash part of it with no explanation or e-mails.

Reported By: Y2k