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Username: steveo680
Aliases: Steven Hull
Address: steven hull 12008 224th AVE CT E Bonney Lake WA , 98391

Status: active
Created: August 30, 2009 at 2:22pm (EST)
We had agreed on a trade for my PSP for his DSi. I believe on August 21st I sent out my PSP using Priority mail with delivery confirmation and on August 26th it was received (stated by the tracking number) but he has never been on to say he received it. It has been atleast 4 days since he's recieved it and has not been on since. He has not sent out his DSi either.

I will remove the BTR when he either:

-Sends me atleast the DSi and charger (Though the deal was to send the DSi, Case, Game, and charger.)
-Send me money equally the DSi or PSP
-Send back my PSP, 8gb memory stick, charger, and $12 (cost for shipping)
Reported By: SaCRedVII