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Username: munchbobby
Aliases: Robert Munch
Address: 52 Beacon Ave. , Romeoville, IL, 60446

Status: active
Created: August 22, 2009 at 5:14am (EST)
I traded him for some some complete N64 games in "excellent" condition, with the comment "New Box" on each of them. The games I received were far from excellent, and the "boxes" were official plastic cases, one of which was broken, and all of which were clearly very used. The manuals also were far from excellent, one of them was ripped. Then this guy tried to delete the trade, but it was "undeleted" by Bill.

I told this guy that I didn't have room to store his games while I waited for him to respond, and that if he did not get back to me soon he would be on the hook for $25 and I would file a BTR. However, after thinking about how it all went down, the cost of shipping my end, and the dramatic difference in what I traded for and what I actually got, I think $30 is more fair, so that is what I am asking for to remove this BTR.
Reported By: lain21us

Username: AshKetchummm
Aliases: Alex Rogers
Address: 301 S.Norton St., New Buffalo, Michigan 49117

Status: active
Created: July 23, 2009 at 4:23am (EST)
Guy sent me a defective game and offered to return my game along with cash for me to ship his game back. When I reminded him of my original shipping cost he ignored me and has not logged in for well over a month, so I am left with no choice but to file a BTR. I'm open to a number of possible resolutions.
Reported By: lain21us