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Username: CrazyEights
Address: 1743 Threatt Park Lane Lancaster, SC 29720

Status: active
Created: July 27, 2007 at 2:42pm (EDT)
I made a deal with Bobby on the 7th of July for a nintendo 64 console with a couple of games I paid Bobby the next day and was expecting the system to be sent out in a timely fashion. Since then it seems Bobby has dropped off the face of the Earth, he has not responded to any emails and from the looks of things he is doing the same thing to several other people. Today is the 27th of July and so far no system, no emails.
Reported By: dhallmu

Username: brookjeff
Aliases: jeff perry brookjeff blood_ill_tempered
Address: 212 marilyn dr. Jasper , TN

Status: active
Created: July 24, 2007 at 8:42am (EDT)
I'm filing this BTR to let all the people with pending trades with gamergirl1982 that we just discovered that gamergirl1982 lives at the same address as brookjeff (an old account with a BTR and an old pending that looks like it should also be a BTR.

So, it looks pretty clear that brookjeff / gamergirl1982 are scammers.

Hopefully, you didn't send first to them, right? Because we warned you not to send first to account without a reputation and you always listen to our warnings, right?

If you haven't sent, you can probably just cancel the trade. If you have, you may want to call the police in Jasper, TN and file a complaint with them.
Reported By: bill