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Username: N/A
Aliases: Tiger131 on here and on Switchhouse, Tiger_SSO
Email: N/A
Emails: ,
Address: Colby Harold,841 Lyons

Status: active
Created: March 15, 2001 at 11:50am (EDT)
See my Bad Trader report for username Tiger131. This is the same guy.
Don't trade with him.
Reported By: questmaster

Username: gamegod_dante
Aliases: myvetterulz

Status: active
Created: March 14, 2001 at 10:30am (EDT)
Al or Lynn or whatever his name is wanted a couple of PC games from my list. I told him that I saw nothing on his list that i wanted, but I'd gladly trade ANY 10 of my PC games for a Sega Saturn if he had one for trade. He toold me that I was in luck! He said he'd just traded for one from his cousin. So he sent me the list of my 10 PC games he wanted. I told him that I'd post the trade and send out the next day. So I sent. He also said that he'd sent his side of the deal. I know for fact that i sent my side!!! I Swear by it! I never recieved his side of the deal. I've constantly emailed him and asked him politely about what he thinks could be wrong. He never answers my emails. I sent him one last email stating that he had 3 days to reply with an answer about our trade. Its been 3 days so I warn you, DO NOT TRADE WITH THIS CON!
Reported By: MorbidTorture