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Username: N/A
Aliases: kudedude
Email: N/A

Status: active
Created: March 30, 2001 at 2:06pm (EDT)
Hey have i dealt with you before have i made a deal with you ?I dont even know you why did you post a bad trade report in my page!!!!Thats what i want to know!!!!!!!You better take it off , i dont even know who you are , do you have emails or proof we made a deal!!!!! also is it in our pended page NO thats what i thought , i do have grandia 2 but thats not the way to get it if you want it talk to me ok!so take off that bad trade report before i talk to bill and have you suspended for putting false bad trades into other peoples pages!!!!!
Reported By: oneCRAZYtrader

Username: claylesmeister
Address: old address: clay lesmeister P.O. box 450 windermere, BC v0B 2L0 Canada.......i don't have his newer address in calgary

Status: active
Created: March 30, 2001 at 6:28am (EDT)
i don't think clay is a real bad trader but obviously we have unfinished business that has been avoided from his end for too long.

here's the story...

Clay and I made a trade last spring involving his game gear games and some accessories in exchange for my oddworld and resident evil: director's cut (psx)

my end of the trade appeared to have been lost in the mail so i replaced it with metal gear solid, tekken 2, and a psx multi-tap. i express-posted this to him to have the deal done and to make up for the postal problems. all was done until....

...a little while later, the original package showed up at his door also, apparently delayed by an error by the post office. i told him to play the games and we'd work something out in the future on the extra stuff he now had.

we had talked from time to time, but in the fall i wrote to request that he just return metal gear solid and tekken 2. he agreed and said that he shipped on september 22nd. a few weeks passed so i e-mailed him to see what was up. he said it must've been lost and i said we should give it a month anyway, in case it was misrouted like my package was. a couple months passed. his e-mail was down again and he was reformatting his pc but said he was going home for the holidays and would get back to me after that. nothing.

i wrote him again in february and was told that he just had to get his metal gear solid back from whoever had it and would get back to me. nothing.

i wrote again on march 11th and i was told that the friend of his that had his metal gear solid was dropping it off and he'd mail it asap.

here, i was told that he had mailed it a few months earlier and now his friend has it. hmmm...

i've heard nothing back from him since so here i am now. luckily, i still have all of the e-mails saved here. this has been a small, nagging issue for too long and the misinformation in his e-mails is disturbing after having gone through them all..

i have e-mails to confirm this all.

this report will come down when the games really do get mailed and arrive...hopefully that will be soon.

btw, the games are all still listed on his available list.....

Reported By: Y2k