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Username: ilovetoplay18dc
Aliases: ilovetoplay18dc, CheapSeller, iBuyGames
Address: 122 B Cramer St. Apt#6, North Tonawanda, NY 14120

Status: active
Created: March 31, 2001 at 2:26pm (EST)
We agreed on a trade on September($60 for a N64 package). I had to send the money first, which I did, since he had more trades than me. He got the money in a week and sent the package by regular mail. He told me he would send priority, but I didn't mind, since the package was kinda cheap anyway. I never got the package. I tried to contact him often, but, aside from the times I saw him in chat, I never got any replies. He finally told me in chat he would send me my money back in two weeks. It's been near a month since then and I haven't heard anything from him.

I don't think he is trying to ripp me off, but I'm tired of always trying to contact him when HE should be the one contacting me. So this BTR is here mostly to remind him to contact me sometimes soon, and will of course be deleted as soon as I get my money back.
Reported By: Jerk007

Username: Saltman4u
Aliases: saltman4u
Address: 1208 edenham ct#102 virginia beach va 2346

Status: active
Created: March 30, 2001 at 9:02pm (EST)
I mailed out a N64, 4 mb expansion pack, 2 games(zelda and star wars), 1 controller and memory pack. In return I was to recieve a Neo Geo Pocket Color with 4 games. I have a DC # for the package I sent, and it states the package was delivered. He denied recieving said package. I called him, and he lied several times, about his address, the package, and proceded to give me a fake DC #. I hung up, tracked the DC # and found out it was fradulent. I called back, and got his mother on the phone. She said this has happened before, and also denied getting a package(LIE). So now I am without the N64 or the NGPC which was never sent. I will persue this to the fullest extent, and will set an example out of knyland and his mother! I refuse to be ripped off, regardless of age. His mother's excuse was that he was a minor. Well, he can read well enough to participate on gametz and complete transactions, so I'm sure he was able to read the section of MAIL FRAUD. Point and case he ripped me off and I won't tolerate it.

UPDATE (10-19-00)
kgamer219's(aka kbyrd3)(aka saltman4u) mom sent part of my stuff back. Only after he had removed the Expansion Pak from my 64, and sent me back a pc game instead of the 2 N64 games(Rogue Squadron and Zelda) that I had sent him!

Once I receive something to compensate for the loss on the trade I will remove this BTR. If Knyland makes an effort to right this wrong, then I would consider him a changed trader. But until then, I still feel a warning is needed!

Reported By: recycled