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    You have less ratings, you send first.
    You have more ratings, I send first.
    We have roughly the same amount of ratings (+- 5), we send at the same time.
    Any BTR's, you send first.

    Not looking for any Greatest Hits / Player's Choice, etc.

    I send a single DVD/CD game with case via First Class with delivery confirmation. Anything more and it will come via Priority Mail with delivery confirmation.

    This just made me laugh. Not even counting that those games are worth like 10 bucks each, they aren't even on my wanted list! At least he crossed his fingers.


    This Offer was just sent to you:

    xvassagox gets:
    Final Fantasy X , Grandia 2 (DC), Sonic Unleashed (ps2)

    BlissBoy1234 gets:
    Nintendo Wii (Nintendo Wii) [Condition: very good; Box: yes; Manual: yes; Modded with Wiikey]


    *crosses fingers*