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    Gaston, South Carolina, United StatesUnited States

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    on 17-Oct-2019 at 10:38am

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Interests: video games and comic books

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I'm always looking for a trade, mainly into Rpgs.

july 15th. another pending surgery, I don't have any luck. I won't be taking any new trades for awhile due to circumstances beyond my control, will complete my current trades and still be on the site as possible. Thanks

When stating the condition of my games I almost always list them as Very Good unless in condition is under that. I rarely will list as in excellent shape being that I don't want to give a better condition than they actually are. To me if its been opened and played its in Very Good condition at best.

please note. In my household my wife used smoke, she recently quit several months back, I tried to keep it all away from my game room, but its possible the smell could have reached my games I had during the time that she smoked, I guess after the years of being around her and he smoke i don't smell it anymore so can't determined if the games have retained a smoke smell or not. I try to keep my game room as sealed off as possible.

I rarely sell, only because honestly I'm horrible at setting prices on things.

I have no problem with and sometimes enjoy "haggling" but please don't expect a miracle like a get a brand new game for a $10 game, I'll shoot you down off the start. Treat me with respect and I'll work with you anyway I can. Been on the site since late 2000, early 2001.. so know how things work , kinda (i'm an old fart.... don't keep up with what youngin's do today) :)