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Bad Trader Reports

Username: sk8rjason
Aliases: Jason Newell
Address: 10106 William Henry Dr, Streetsboro, OH 44241

Status: active
Created: July 27, 2012 at 12:29am (EST)
Jason Newell owes me money for a loan that's long overdue. At some point, he stopped responding to my messages, and he abandoned the site. I see that he logged in to the site today, but he didn't contact me. This BTR will be removed if I ever receive payment.
Reported By: Duallies

sk8rjason Has Written 1 Review BTRs

  • Status

    abandoned (This account is not active)



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    • Location

      Streetsboro, Ohio, United StatesUnited States

    • Last login

      on 28-Sep-2012 at 9:54am

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      not currently subscribed

    • I Trade

      PlayStation 3, Blu-Ray, Microsoft Xbox 360, PlayStation

    • Deal Preference

      Trade, Buy or Sell

    • Reviews
    Interests: My wife, video games, computers, did I mention my wife?
    Likes: Good games, good beer, and good whiskey.
    Dislikes: Bad traders, cheap whiskey, RRoD

    Quote: A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step ~ Confucious

    If a trade involves a disc based item(this includes PSP UMDs), it must be complete or I don't want it. DS games also must be complete. GBA, SNES, and N64 are good with just the cartridge, but a manual is a nice plus.

    My Rules;
    1. Whoever has less trades sends first.
    1.a If you have more trades, but recent trades show less then excellent honesty, you send first.
    1.b If you have more trades but you have BTR, you send first. I don't care if it is resolved.
    1.c If you have more trades but recent ratings have less then very good shipping, you send first.
    2. Media mail is not an option. If you send media mail your shipping and courtesy ratings are going down.
    3. I am not so concerned about case condition unless it is a rare case. If you list a disc based item excellent it better not have scratches or your honesty rating will reflect it.

    My Item Value Ratings;

    $ ~ Item I will sell or trade quickly at fair value
    $$ ~ Item I will trade or sell if the offer is reasonable.
    $$$ ~ Item I will only trade, not sell, and the offer has to be good.

    My Want Item Value Ratings;

    $ ~ Low want, will not buy or trade only for any of these, must be part of a package deal.
    $$ ~ Medium want, this level is a game I want and will trade for it, but probably not buy.
    $$$ ~ High want, these I am actively looking for and if the price is right will buy or trade for them.

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