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    on 16-Nov-2019 at 5:43pm

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Offers/Trading guidelines

Thank you for taking a quite minute to look at my guidelines.These guidelines are set up to help inform fellow traders of what I am looking for.

#1) I am currently pursuing a PS4 sealed library. There is no rhyme or reason to when I acquire a game. I am using my knowledge of the industry to try and time it for a lowest point cost of entry.

#2) As a COLLECTOR. I purchase sealed games to keep them sealed. If you want to break them open to play, that is fine. I will not offer you the used price for a new game because you want to play them.

#3) I like to trade. Hell, I would prefer to trade. However I have to view games in a different light then most. A few things that go through my head when offering/reviewing offers are current price (through Amazon), will it go down any lower and how hard is this game to find.
- There have been many fair offers. How ever, I will not pay $40 for a game that came out one month ago. The price will go down eventually.

I have other feedback at a site to exchange sports cards. The link is below. Any questions about my feedback should be answered with this