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northerngames Global Trader - willing to trade internationally

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    abandoned (This account is not active)



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      Michigan, United StatesUnited States

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      on 18-May-2015 at 6:55pm

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    Trade Date/Time: 29-Dec-2014 1:03pm

    Pathlesscookies sends:
    paypal loan

    northerngames sends:
    paypal gifted repayment by jan 29th 2015

    sent, not received Pathlesscookies
    not sent, received northerngames

    Canceled: 28-Nov-2018 5:48pm by northerngames

    northerngames's reason for canceling this trade:
    This trade is being canceled by GameTZ Moderators.

    Pathlesscookies's response:
    Pathlesscookies asked me to close this old pending trade out. He was ripped off as far as I can tell. -bill

    Trade Date/Time: 8-Nov-2013 7:39pm

    northerngames sends:
    5 complete xbox games

    MrZeem sends:
    $25.00 paypal

    not sent, not received northerngames
    not sent, not received MrZeem

    Canceled: 13-Nov-2013 11:08pm by northerngames

    northerngames's reason for canceling this trade:
    I dont like being ignored for no reason

    MrZeem's response:
    Just got off work and back home, you messaged me yesterday. Didn't really give me much time did you? That's fine though, patience is a virtue.