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Username: mike21ny
Address: 204 knoll st. Bedford PA , 15522

Status: active
Created: April 3, 2005 at 6:34pm (EST)
Edited: October 12, 2005 at 5:27pm (EST)
This trade was pended on Feb 11th for him to send me Fable for my Madden 2005. The trade was supposed to be a same day trade but that never worked out. I sent out on the 15th of Feb With this tracking # [03041560000794374445]. He recieved the package on the 17th of Feb but had not sent out his part of deal yet. After countless messages he finally messages me back Mar 4th telling me he forgot and that he would send out the next day.

After not recieveing it then I messaged him again and got a response on the 18th of march asking me if he could send me my copy of madden back b/c he got a copy from someone. After refusing he said he told me how busy he was with his baseball and he would send out on monday. I messaged him again on the 25th telling him that I would be putting up a BTR in the near future b/c he isn't sending out at all. He then messages me again on the 29th telling me that he's sending out next day he apologizes again. Well it is now April 3rd and this trade is nearing 2 months and all I get is lies in return so now I am putting up a BTR , I have been very patient dealing with Mike but he isn't a very honest trader.

All I want is for Fable to be sent to me like the trade was agreed upon.

Now 10/12/05 and still nuthin. He sent me emails recently telling me he was sending but still never did. Tried to get mods to remove BTR saying I wouldn't allow him to resolve it. Do not send first to this guy.

Reported By: Reneg4de7

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