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    Roseville, California, United StatesUnited States

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    on 23-Feb-2020 at 7:56pm

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    since 20-Dec-2010

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    Trade, Buy or Sell


My Trade Rules:

1. Person with less feedback sends first!
2. I will not send money first to unestablished traders!
3. Any BTR's past or present, you must send first regardless of good feedback!

I like my trades to be lightning fast. I typically ship USPS First Class. If I offer $$$ I send immediately, If I pend a trade for goods I send Immediately. If you're a procrastinator then say so or don't pend. I can deal with lazy shipping if you're are upfront about it.

GameTZ is a great community. The abundance of good deals and trade opportunities are its value. Most of the users are helpful and considerate and eager to make and find a good deal.

Bronze Star on 3/19/10 from pswams26
Silver Star on 6/20/11 from MuNnY
Gold Star on 6/1/12 from JAlbertL
Double Gold Star on 9/17/14 from Gametrader15
Triple Gold Star on 4/11/17 from InfiniteJest
Quadruple Gold Star on 4/29/19 from Heavyd814life

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