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Username: jacobm

Status: active
Created: May 3, 2012 at 12:55pm (EDT)
Trade pended for my ASUS Transformer + $300 for Jacobm's ACER laptop and Sennheiser headphones. Laptop and headphones were shipped separately, both poorly packaged with no padding, and stickers used as tape to seal the boxes. Boxes were partially open due to negligent shipping. Headphones were dented, and the laptop is warped on the right side with blurring on the screen when viewed at certain angles.

Jacobm virtually disappeared after sending his side of the trade. I have expressed my discontent and held off on filing a BTR, believing that school may be overwhelming and he hasn't had time to login. I have now seen activity on his account, but have yet to receive a response to my trade messages. It appears as though he's writing this trade off and moving on.

Simply reversing the trade would not be a viable resolution as the item I sent him has greatly depreciated in value since pending this trade.

I told him I can provide pictures of the damaged items in messaging, and will do so upon request.

Let me add that I can also provide pictures of how "Correctly" he packaged the goods.
Jacob, did you or did you not use Priority mail stickers instead of tape to "seal" the boxes? The postal worker delivering the package even had a confused look on his face and suggested I really look everything over. It looked like it was boxed up by a child.

Yes, I did say that I wasn't happy with the specs of the computer, but I said I was willing to accept that because it was my oversight. But you're either hiding the fact that these were damaged before shipping or lying about how "Correctly" you shipped them. You haven't once mentioned the headphones, which I noticed right away were badly dented.

Update: Jacob knows I notified him of the poor packaging before even trying out any of the items. He's looking for any way possible to weasel his way out of fixing this. Him implying that I would take fake pictures of the packaging is ridiculous. He has yet to address the issue of the damaged items and continues to try to use his "flawless" reputation to blame me for the ordeal.

Pictures: I do not have pictures of the packaging; I believe they were on the phone that I traded to Dustin25ship. Below are links to the pictures of the items. Jacob's packaging was by far the worst I've ever dealt with here. But if he truly believes he carefully packaged the items, then these were damaged beforehand and he wasn't honest about the condition of the items: - picture showing dent/warp in the laptop - a 2nd picture of the laptop - Picture of the damage to the screen as a result of the dent/warp - picture of dented headphones

Reported By: t0pdawg7
Response from Accused "Bad Trader": (19-May-2012)
So basically this whole thing is bogus. I clearly packaged the two items correctly (I think i have pics somewhere) Look at my trade record i'm pretty sure I know how to correctly ship goods. And then a few days later he claims the computer he received was "not worth it." I'm sorry but you knew EXACTLY what you were getting beforehand. If your end seems unfair you had plenty of time before the trade to say something. It seems like he regretted the trade and is now pulling this to tried to get compensation for I don't know what. I am writing this trade off because this claim is bogus (not the first BTR you filed that Iv'e been told is bogus) so you can expect no compensation on my end. In all likely hood I'm going to finish my other trade and leave the site. Thanks for making my going away memorable.

I'm trying to hunt down photos of how I packed them too. Any moron can repack a box and then take a pic. Why dont you make them look worse than you described since you'll be faking them anyway? It doesn't matter you're not getting anything this is just blackmail to "fix" a trade you regretted. Ive heard you've done shady practices with other users and I refused to be blackmailed. Anyone wanting a track record is welcome to talk to any of my other trades, All items have been packed with the same care yours, is no exception.

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