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    Interests: Old school games, baseball, fantasy sports
    Likes: Games, sports, electronics
    Dislikes: Pop music, NY sports teams, people that want every trade in their favor.

    Quote: "Niiice." - Marcus Fenix

    image November 14, 2008

    I finally decided to move a bunch of my faves from "available" list to "collection". I just keep getting too many ridiculous FF7 offers. Check out the collection list if you like, but good luck prying any of those from me.

    More to come later. Happy trading.

    I'm a collector in the sense that I keep games I like or games that I'm particularly nostalgic about. I'm not particularly concerned about the value.

    1) BTR or no star sends first.
    2) I don't mind sending first if you have a higher star than me.
    3) I still have Genesis, SNES, NES & PS2 games to post. Ask about these if you like until I get time to post them.
    4) For all my listings (besides old NES), the condition I have listed applies mostly to the box & manual. All the game cartidges & discs are in excellent condition unless otherwise stated in the description.