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      Findlay, Ohio, United StatesUnited States

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    Interests: Politics, Current Events, College Football, NHL Playoffs, and of course, gaming!
    Likes: The Michigan Wolverines, Neal Boortz, a good first-person shooter or RPG
    Dislikes: Socialists, Cable companies

    Quote: "Democracy is three wolves and a sheep voting on what's for dinner."

    Thank you for visiting my bio page. I either trade or sell games. Sorry, no buying for me :( I have a gazillion games piling up on the shelf as it is.

    I like to trade relatively new games for other relatively new games. If you want a new game and you don't have one to trade, then you should be willing to buy one. If you are not willing to buy anything at all and you don't have anything good to trade, then you're trying to get something for nothing. When offering me a trade, please do consider if the trade is somewhat equitable. I would like to have something roughly the same as what I am sending out.

    I bleed Maize and Blue when it comes to football, so Go Blue! I am also a big Red Wings fan. I hate cable companies and I love my DirecTV.

    I love a good RPG or FPS single-player campaign. I like a few adventure or strategy games, but I am kind of picky. "Planescape: Torment" and "Deus Ex" are the best PC games ever made. I wish that they could all be like that.

    Buzz me on yahoo if you want to chat about gaming or just anything.