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Username: dcxtremenet
Aliases: dcxtremenet

Status: active
Created: July 26, 2002 at 6:56pm (EST)
We set up a trade for MY 2 DVD's(Ball Above All and Bandits) for $18 Shipped.

This was set up23-Jun-2002, i sent first, because i had no trades, and you guessed it, i recived nothing.

He is always on AIM but never answers, i email him and no reply so to me he is a RIPPER.

This will come down, if i get my money(which i doubt)
Reported By: scarnan

Username: dcxtremenet
Aliases: dcxtremenet
Address: Panama City, FL

Status: active
Created: June 27, 2002 at 3:50pm (EST)

He agreed to pay me $270 for my XBOX w/ overnight shipping on April 28th. I sent first and he got it fast. I ask him to send the money the day he gets the XBOX or the next day and he agrees. Than after a few days I ask him wheres my money? HE FORGETS TO TELL ME HE DOESNT HAVE $270, he tells me he is waiting for the money, lies, lies, lies, etc. Than after a week of me asking him where my money is he tells me the XBOX is broken. He tells me the XBOX freezes a game after it loads to the next level making him restart, he says it does that to all his XBOX games except HALO, than a few days later he says HALO also has the freezing problem. I asked around and people told me it might be the lens was dirty so I BOUGHT a lens cleaner off ebay and had it shipped to him. I also told him if that lens cleaner didnt work I would replace the XBOX with a brand new one using overnight shipping both ways in which he agreed. Now during this time period the XBOX price dropped from $299 to $199 and now he wants me to charge him less for the XBOX. I didnt receive a cent from the original $270 and now he wants to change the original price in which we agreeed on. I emailed a moderator at gametz and asked him what I should do but Mike didnt care, so we agreed on a price of $250 for the XBOX now that the price had dropped. After a week or two he finally says he does not want the XBOX anymore and I'm like WTF did you waste my time/patience for. I was screwed than because now he was gonna send a "broken" XBOX back to me and I had wasted a lot of money sending the XBOX to him overnight. I told him to pay me the $270 for a xbox at the time he bought it minus the price for a xbox at the time plus the overnight shipping charge, he refused. I said fine just pay me the $30 for overnight shipping because I knew I couldnt force him to send me anymore than just shipping charges. He agreed to pay the $30 but guess what, I GOT NOTHING HIM. He keeps making up excuses like I have a new job and I need it for this and that. so

I needed the money real quick at the time to refund a guy on ebay (I owed him $300)so I sold the XBOX on ebay as soon as Mike tells me he doesnt want it anymore, I only got $130 for it on Ebay. So I had to take money out of my own pocket to pay the rest I owed the Ebay guy. Anyway, add all that up and I loose $340, I paid $300 + tax for the xbox and sold it after the price drop for $130, I paid $30 for overnight shipping to Mike, I paid the ebay guy $170..

how would you feel if you paid $300+ for a xbox and sold it for $130 when you were expecting $270. all the time i wasted with him, all the lies he told me about sending me money, IF YOU DO NOT HAVE ANY MONEY, DO NOT BUY NOTHING
Reported By: xdcbox_games

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