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    Ohio, United StatesUnited States

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    on 13-Jan-2020 at 2:37am

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Interests: games, science, mangos, and the internet
Likes: same as interests?
Dislikes: stupid

Quote: A man to trust is one who is in search of the truth rather than one who has claimed to have found it.

Hello everyone Tyler Bell here. Honestly I don't frequent this site too much anymore, but it never hurts to send me a PM or an offer for something. I will try to keep my pages up to date.

Just a note to anyone looking to make trades with me.

1) I will ship first class with delivery confirmation
2) Usually I am only able to ship things on the weekend because that is what is most convenient for me.
3) I wish to have things sent to me the same way so that I am able to track them.
4) If you have a lower rating than me, you send first.
5) If you have any BTR's you will send to me first unless I say so.

As for how I rate people on this site, I'm pretty laid back when it comes to the condition of items that are sent to me. If I don't receive a game exactly as described, I'm not going to complain about it unless there's some major flaw and the game doesn't work or something like that.

20-October-2009 - Bronze Star - anti_virus347
22-June-2010 - Silver Star - HandOfGodUSAF